Your First Login

NOTE: If you have already followed these steps to reset your password, and get an error when clicking the link below to the password reset form, you are already logged into the site. If you want to reset your password again, you need to first logout by clicking the button in the menu bar. The website remebers that you have already logged in. You should only need to go through this proces once.

This page contains instructions for your first sign-in to the SBVVMA website. To start click

this link

and it will open up the main website in new window. You can then follow along with these quick steps in this window if you wish.

Enter your email

In the new window that opens, enter your email and the system will send you a special new-password email (this email may arrive in a minute or two, but may take longer based on the routing and your email provider)

The new password email will look like this:

When you get this email, click on the link provided

Set your password

Pick a password for the site, and enter it twice in the spaces provided. You can skip all the other settings on this account page.

Don't forget to submit your new password

Edit your profile

After changing your password, go to the Profile section of your account to update your profile settings. Your Profile contains information displayed to the public and to other members.

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